Saturday, December 13, 2008

Terri's Two-Steppin

Terri's first meal of soup was delivered by a guy in a tuxedo! Yes, she got her soup and broccoli served in style. Terri is doing really well. She's eating solid foods, resting in her own room, walking up to six times a day, and keeping a big smile on her face.

If she continues at this pace, she'll be discharged from MD Anderson as early as Monday (12/15/08) evening. Terri will need to stay in the Houston area for her appointment with her doctors on Friday, December 19, 2008. Hopefully Terri gets the all clear from her doctors at that time and will be heading home to Driftwood a lot earlier than expected. Way to go, Terri!!!

Feel free to text, email, or post comments on the blog to Terri. She's back online and probably even working a little when no one's watching.

Happy holidays!!

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