Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Where's Terri?

Terri is now at MD Anderson and undergoing 2 days of testing to see exactly what's going on. These tests will help her doctors determine the best form of treatment for her. Please send all your positive thoughts and energy to Terri right now.

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1) Go to

2) Enter Updatesonterri in the field and then click the Search for a group button. Make sure you do not insert spaces between the words.

3) Click the updatesonterri link.

4) Click the Join this group link, which is located on the right sidebar.

5) Sign into your Google account by completing the user ID and password fields and then clicking the Sign in button.

If you do not have a Google account or want to create a Google account using a specific email address to receive these email alerts for this group, click the Create an account now button. Be sure to use the email address you want to receive the email alerts for Terri’s blog when creating a new account. Once you have created your account, sign into Google.

6) Enter a nickname for Google Groups in the field and then click the Continue button.

7) Select one of the email options for this group by clicking in the appropriate radio button; enter the nickname you want the Updates on Terri group to see in the corresponding field, and then click the Join the Group button.
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GSM and AMD said...

Sending you all our best wishes, T!

The Family George said...

Thank you for doing this ... We continue to think about you! And are here if you need anything!

CookFamily said...

We think about you every day! Thank you for letting us keep up with your progress.