Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Terri's Doing Great!!

A new report just in from Brian. Terri's first surgery on her liver is completed and she's already in her second surgery. Terri's surgeon only removed 2% of her liver and that it looks great and is in good condition for a carcinoid patient. Her liver surgeon also told Brian that he doesn't expect to see Terri for at least another 10 years, which is great news!!! She should be almost through with the other surgery, which is on a small area in her chest. We'll let you know when she's in recovery here shortly.

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Glen said...

That's great news. She is a fighter. I was at the hospital with my brother when she went through her first bought with cancer. Anyone that could go through what she went through then is definitely a fighter. I new she was scared, a very scary thing to go through, but I could not see anything but her fighting this and winning.

Looking for the next update to see how she did on the next surgery.

Thanks for posting this blog. I haven't been calling my brother a lot. They just have so much to deal with I didn't want to add to it by calling a lot.