Thursday, December 11, 2008

Terri Got to See Snow in Houston Last Night

Believe it or not, but it snowed in Houston, Texas last night!! While Terri had to watch it snow from her hospital bed, she was in great spirits. Santa Claus even dropped by this morning to say hello. We'll post that picture soon.

Terri's in ICU until tomorrow afternoon when she will be transferred to her room. Please note that cell phones do not work in ICU.

Aiden and Terri's mom, Cynthia, are headed back to Austin today. Brian's mother will be arriving in Austin this weekend to help with Aiden. Gary, Terri's buddy, is coming in tomorrow to keep her company.

Terri's contact information/pictures will be posted soon. My apologies for the delayed post today.

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CookFamily said...

Yay! A real room! I'm so glad to see everything is going so well. Just because you get a real room doesn't mean you should overdo it! Take care and keep on this great path to recovery! We miss you!! Susan