Tuesday, December 16, 2008

New Lodgings at the Holiday Inn

Terri was released from MD Anderson last night at approximately 9:52 PM CST. They wheeled her right on out to her car while her driver, Brian, waited anxiously. Brian and Terri then drove a few blocks straight to the Holiday Inn Houston Medical Center where they promptly checked into room 522 for a good night's sleep.

As you can imagine Terri is excited and relieved to be out of the hospital. She said that her main goal right now is to schedule her Friday appointment with her doctors, which apparently is not an easy task due to the holidays. Terri, we'll keep you in our thoughts and prayers that you get your appointment scheduled on Friday and that your doctors allow you to go home for the holidays (and for good) immediately after your appointment.

Special thanks to Gary and Brian's mom, who both left Houston yesterday. Gary, your help and friendship to Terri is so greatly appreciated. Mrs. Griffith, thank you for helping Cynthia and Brian with Aiden--we all know how busy a two year old can keep you.


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tali said...

So happy to hear you're out of the hospital! Hope everything goes as smoothly here on out! xoxo!