Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Wishing Terri a terrific Tuesday!!!


drakentexas said...

Thank you for your help. We'll be talking to you. Cynthia (Terri's Mom)

Shelley - Terri's Big Sis said...

Thank you so much for giving us a place to post Terri's progress in her battle and win of the war up ahead! You guys are amazing!

The Storm Family in Plano thank you too! (Terri's nephews, brother-in-law, and big sis)

GSM and AMD said...

Posting the most glorious email from Wednesday, October 15, 2003:

She’s baaaaack!!! Now you can hear Terri’s story straight from her. Endotracheal tube is gone. Ventilator is gone. Nasogastric tube is gone. As those irritating but lifesaving catheters were removed her first request was for …..you guessed it, Dr. Pepper! Second request? “Where is my computer?” And, then to her ICU nurse, “do you guys have 802.11 here?” She is up in a chair this morning and will be again this afternoon. We expect her to be moved out of ICU tomorrow. Maybe a couple of days more and then home.

So….God is definitely good and has blessed us again. Thank you each and everyone for all your prayers and support. I am bowing out of this assignment. She can tell you more herself. Please address all questions to terripreston1@aol.com!!!!! You can call her tomorrow on her cell 619.572.9255 or at the hospital once she is in a regular room. Hospital main number is 760.753.6501.

Many, many, many thanks and God’s peace to you all.


Cynthia Drake, RN, MBA

The Drake Group